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Oregon Public Library

Library Rules

General rules and code of conduct for the library


Revised 7/2020


  1. Oregon Public Library provides services to families and individuals within Southern Holt County who reside within the South Holt R-1 School District without charge. 
  1. A copy of the “Library Policy and Procedure Guide” will be posted in the Library, along with “Past Due Book Policy”. 
  1. The Library Board reserves the right to decline the offer of a gift book(s) under certain circumstances.
    1. Duplicate copy
    2. Selection does not enhance the Library’s overall collection
    3. The content of the book is outdated or has little or no value for our patrons. 
  1. The Oregon Public Library reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.


Revised 07/2020


  1. The fee for past-due books is $.25 daily. 
  1. When the book is past due two, two-week periods, the librarian will contact the person by phone or post card if possible. 
  1. After another two weeks a card will be sent with notification that they will be restricted from borrowing other books until the book(s) are returned. 
  1. In case the book is lost or destroyed, replacement value is required. 

A review of this guide shall be made periodically, and a simple majority vote will be necessary to make any changes. 


Thank You

The City of Oregon

Oregon Public Library Board                                                                                                                

Genealogy Resources

 The Library has the following resources

  • Gone Home
  • Gone Home II
  • Holt County Seat
  • Forest City, Missouri 150 Years of History
  • Holt County Atlas
  • Year Books from Oregon High School & South Holt R-1 from 1948-present
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